MRDA's Abbaye Restaurant wins the AAP company's design awards 2017

AAP- American Architecture Award is a highly respected in the industry awards, it aims to show amazing talent and vision of architects all 

over the world, committed to the list of the world's great contribution to the constructionfield and can push the boundaries and the new 

standard of work. Ben Van Berkel, Alejandro Zaera-Polo and several other buildings in the field of art design and international master as 

the 2017 AAP prize judges, selected from 68 countries to more than 1000 entries, MRDA designed "Abbaye Restaurant" the success of the 

project at the same time also has won the award, Aedas, Studio Gang, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture Lyndon, Neri & Rossana 

Hu, SWA Group and other international well-known firms.

 The Abbaye, located in the south part of Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, is exactly an artwork, which is committed to combine the Chinese and

 western traditional cultures. In this Blgian restaurant, you will find the original building materials, architectural colors and structural systems here and

 there, all of which are in accordance with the site context as well as meet the demands of doing  business. It is far more than a simple restaurant, but

 a witnessand heir of the valuable architectural and cultural heritage in this area.