Ma Jun

In 2011, joining the world's leading architectural design firm Aedas (Chengdu) as the architect of the role. In Chengdu, China set square project in deepening design, 

construction drawing design, participate in commercial podium and tower optimization of the professional construction of harmonious graphs.

In Ruian City, Chengdu sequestration projects in concept design, construction drawing design, with the completion of the investment business floor plane optimization work. 

In the Shanghai and Huang Zhenru project commercial plant protection update work, participate in the project preliminary analysis, conceptual design, preliminary design and bidding mapping.

In 2013, to join the team in Chengdu Ocean Pacific, full participation in project design store, mapping organisations and the spot quality control; 

involved with the owners of investment team shop to transform design, tenant shop interior design to control, on-site inspection,

April 2015, with Lu Yun, Zhang Ying founded mrda architects